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Helpful tips

Enjoying the spectacle of the flames, heating your home according to your lifestyle, controlling your energy consumption, improving the atmosphere in your home, you have good reasons to choose wood heating.


How do you light the fire?

Creating a fire can sometimes be difficult. Those of us who have sat in a cold room in the winter know that there are many ways to make a fire. The ...

What is the best way to clean my fireplace?

Becafire recommends regular maintenance of your fireplace and flue. A well-maintained fireplace guarantees a beautiful view of the fire and a good, clean combustion of your wood. In addition, burning good ...

The BECAFIRE built-in fireplaces

New home installation

The pleasure of heating low energy homes with standard RT2012. Becafire offers a range of built-in fireplaces of the latest generation, specially developed to meet the requirements of low-energy homes just ...

Renovation of an old fireplace

Integrate a high-efficiency built-in fireplace into your existing fireplace. You already have a fireplace, but you want to take advantage of the high performance of today's appliances. Becafire offers simple and ...

Integrating a built-in fireplace into an existing fireplace

By installing a Becafire fireplace insert in an open fireplace, you are opting for efficiency, savings and ecology at the service of air quality. Thanks to the design progress made in ...